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Spyglass Lists is excited to introduce a new Count and Order system. Same great data you’ve come to expect – simply a new look and feel. We believe you will find the increased performance, intuitive selects and “to-the-point” design a welcomed change for list brokers of all sizes.
If you are having difficulty logging in, are not finding what you need, or would like a tour of the new site – please contact your representative at 877-718-4805.

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  • Spyglass Lists’ professional list and data service experts have been actively shaping this field for over 30 years. Based on their unmatched expertise and long term relationships in the industry, they know every player in the data world, know what data comes from where, know where to go for the best data at the best rates, and know where to find data treasures that others only dream of.
  • To remain king of the hill in data list and marketing services, a company now has to go beyond having the most accurate, fresh, and deliverable data provided by the top list and data experts, a flawless history of personalized service with integrity, and a smoothly functioning infrastructure. The last tool in the profit growth arsenal is a cutting edge portfolio of marketing services to offer your wholesale data industry clients.
  • Run free counts on our consumer database and sign up for access to so much more...