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Spyglass Lists maximizes the revenue of list brokers and resellers with near- cost pricing plus unbeatable quantity discounts on our expertly sourced data cards for direct marketing mailing lists and sales leads.

We guarantee a 95% USPS Mail Deliverability Rate or Higher – we have a higher guarantee than the USPS’s average deliverability (which is around 93%). We offer 100% Address Standardization as well. Our mailing lists and sale leads are all-inclusive, constantly updated, and hygienically cleansed.

Our business list masterfiles contain over 14 million US businesses with 6 million new businesses each year providing 150,000 new business contacts per month. Our consumer list masterfiles contain over 300 million consumer addressees encompassing over 98 % of all American households.

Spyglass Lists’ ready- to - send proprietary data cards are built on site from these comprehensive masterfiles with proven and powerful selects. Business and consumer data cards can be ordered as is or further refined with additional selects of your choice. Use our online count and order system independently or access our list experts for assistance.

Spyglass Lists data cards solution enhances your bottom line with:
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Fast turnaround time of 24-48 hours or less
  • The industry’s best expert data consultant assistance
  • AND most importantly- quality data.
Our Business Lists:
  • 14 million US businesses
  • 150,000 new business contacts each month
Additional proven selects:
  • Geo and Carrier Route Codes
  • Annual Sales Volume
  • Executive Name and Title
  • Woman and Minority Owned Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Purchasing Behavior
  • Investors
  • And many more
Our Consumer Lists:
  • 300 million American addresses
  • 117 million US households
  • 1,250,000 new movers nationwide monthly
  • 385,000 new home buyers nationwide monthly
Additional proven selects:
  • Geography
  • Income
  • Ethnicity
  • Purchasing Behavior
  • Home Value
  • Mail order responder
  • And many more

Our list experts will seamlessly guide you through identifying and ordering the correct data cards and marketing data services for your client’s printing, direct marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, or telemarketing campaigns.

We offer direct marketing list wholesalers an easy and profitable marketing data solution for their ad agencies, printers, call centers, and other large volume clientele.

Spyglass Lists ingenious data card solution cuts through the complexity of the wholesale data industry and sends the profits straight to you and your clientele.

Disclaimer: Spyglass Lists sells only to reputable list brokers and data resellers. End use customers will be referred to a list of recommended mailing lists and sales leads companies.

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  • Spyglass Lists’ professional list and data service experts have been actively shaping this field for over 30 years. Based on their unmatched expertise and long term relationships in the industry, they know every player in the data world, know what data comes from where, know where to go for the best data at the best rates, and know where to find data treasures that others only dream of.
  • To remain king of the hill in data list and marketing services, a company now has to go beyond having the most accurate, fresh, and deliverable data provided by the top list and data experts, a flawless history of personalized service with integrity, and a smoothly functioning infrastructure. The last tool in the profit growth arsenal is a cutting edge portfolio of marketing services to offer your wholesale data industry clients.
  • Run free counts on our consumer database and sign up for access to so much more...