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just to brag a little, here are a few comments from our clients.

“Our new call center client was looking for a market that didn’t exist. We were worried, because in our experience, most list brokers are just order takers, leaving us to do the real work and research. My experience with Spyglass was so much different. They listened to our client’s needs, combined their detailed knowledge of the database, and built a customized database just for our client. They used data points we never would have thought to utilize.”

“I hated to do it, but I had to tell a large mailing list client I didn’t think there was a list like the one they needed. I looked around anyway. After trying several companies and many doors closed, Spyglass proved me wrong. My customer was so pleased with the first test I was able to sign them up for a 12 month program. As a result, I switched all our mailing list needs to Spyglass and haven’t looked back.”

“I never thought I’d write a testimonial- who hasn’t seen one too many of those on late night TV infomercials, right? But then I had a chance to make a real profit providing sales leads for a big text marketing campaign, and I couldn’t find a list targeted enough for the client. Lucky for me,I found Spyglass and was so relieved to save that sale! Their guys pinpointed exactly what the client wanted by adding some selections I would never have thought of to one of their data cards. They even gave me some pointers on how to sell it to my client as an ongoing subscription.”

“I took over my dad’s ad agency when he retired, but my skills were wining and dining the customers, not in the technical marketing side. I was really nervous because of the large volume of direct marketing we do. I heard about Spyglass on the golf course, and they have sure eased my mind. Their data people knew their stuff, and helped organize my marketing with a combination of emails, voice broadcasts, and postcard mailings and the lists I needed to use them. And dad thinks I did it all myself.”

”Spyglass Lists really do have the smartest list experts I have found. You can tell when you call them that they know their databases and have sourced a lot of creative lists. I call them my ace in the hole when I can’t find the right list or the right way to sell it. They solve the problems and make me and my company look good. And they listen. That is rare out there in the world of marketing hype where I work.”

“Just a note to let you know the great results I got using your Big Business Executives data card at Spyglass. Without any hard work on my part, I was able to sell the list as is to a big client and not worry about a thing. I think I have found the way to make a profit in this business. Thanks!”

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  • Spyglass Lists’ professional list and data service experts have been actively shaping this field for over 30 years. Based on their unmatched expertise and long term relationships in the industry, they know every player in the data world, know what data comes from where, know where to go for the best data at the best rates, and know where to find data treasures that others only dream of.
  • To remain king of the hill in data list and marketing services, a company now has to go beyond having the most accurate, fresh, and deliverable data provided by the top list and data experts, a flawless history of personalized service with integrity, and a smoothly functioning infrastructure. The last tool in the profit growth arsenal is a cutting edge portfolio of marketing services to offer your wholesale data industry clients.
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